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Tredjedrakt - Limited Edition - Pre-order


Ventet inn 15/03/2022.

Pre-order now! Available from march 2022.

Third Shirt - Limited Edition

Tromsø IL launches the first kit in history with a QR code - focusing on sportswashing and human rights in Qatar.

Hi football world! It’s us from the high north again.

We hoped FIFA and Qatar would listen to us the last time, but obviously money still trumps human rights and human lives. Remember that you one day will make your own accounting.

The most valuable asset here will not be the money you made, it will actually be how you treated other people. The most scary thing is that you know you treat people bad. Why else would you spend money trying to show a more beautiful surface of the terrible things you are doing.

Well, we are back. Look at our new kit. The QR code takes you here. A page that will give you more and more information on what’s going on, on the ground in Qatar.

Please read up and consider the question: How many human rights violations will it take before the football community unites to demand better protection for migrant workers?

We can’t pretend football and politics are unrelated, and we must never look the other way when some use our beautiful game to overshadow human rights violations. We can change this together.

Stop sportswashing. Keep the game clean.

From all of us up north; Please join us, so we can grow our snowball bigger and bigger.

Want to read more? Visit til.no/3

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